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Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Grant -

Client Ineligible due to late PAYE Scheme Registration

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I have a client who is ineligible for the scheme solely due to the fact that he was late registering his PAYE scheme (genuinely).

He started his PAYE scheme (1 man Ltd Co) in December, but registered it late in March and then subsequently filed his back dated nmonthly RTIs.

Anybody have a similar case or know the best route to try and appeal this?

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By SXGuy
01st Jun 2020 14:27

What ground would your appeal be? That they registered late? The whole point is that its for those who had filed on time. Your client did not.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
01st Jun 2020 14:41

I have a big stack of directors PAYE on an annual scheme who cant claim.

Whilst the firm down the road ran them on monthly and can.

Nothing I can do about it.

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Replying to ireallyshouldknowthisbut:
By meadowsaw227
02nd Jun 2020 09:54

What is the benefit to your clients in the running annual schemes ?.
I have some of single director companies and have always run monthly payrolls for them, am I missing something .

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01st Jun 2020 15:07

Loads like this. Hes not even really one who has "fallen through the system". My cynisicm that he suddenly decided to submit his returns when he could see there was money up for grabs, Tough. And dont even THINK of appealing. Waste of time and effort. And if one wants to be really pedantic HMRC could fine him monthly for not submitting FPS on time. They wont but they could

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By paul.benny
02nd Jun 2020 11:52

Agree with NYB.

Has the client paid over the PAYE/NI due from December-March? Has client made April and May submissions?

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