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Coronavirus support.

Has Sunak gone too far?

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Appalled to see the following on the Treasury website early this morning, obviously slipped under the wire just too late for the tabloids to pick it up.  Does anyone have clients who would qualify?

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Government outlines new coronavirus support measures for burglars

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak today announced economic steps to help vulnerable members of the burgling community.


Published 1 April 2020

From: HM Treasury and The Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP

At a Downing Street press briefing earlier this morning, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP, announced a number of measures to help burglars during the current coronavirus pandemic.  The Chancellor said, ‘Many burglars are facing extreme hardship due to the current self-isolation regulations, which have seen the majority of the population confined to their homes.  Some people may find this announcement surprising, but the government has a duty to protect all its citizens, whatever their social class or source of income.  These are extraordinary times, and they call for extraordinary measures.’

The scheme will be limited to burglars whose net declared swag was less than £50,000 in the last tax year.  Burglars will need to confirm that they plan to resume their activities once the self-isolation measures have been lifted.

Maisie Suggs, general secretary of the Burglars and Housebreakers Association of Great Britain, welcomed the announcement.  ‘Life has been very challenging for many of our members in recent weeks’, she said.  ‘We simply want to get back to work, but we have to accept that this may not be possible for some considerable time.’

In a measure aimed at protecting the general public, the government also announced that specially-adapted masks will be made available to burglars who are planning to continue their activities while the current restrictions are in place.

On hearing that their members had been excluded from the scheme, a spokesman for the South London Muggers Cooperative, said it was ‘a real kick in the teeth’.

Published 1 April 2020


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By Matrix
01st Apr 2020 00:27

Posted at exactly midnight, well done. Thanks, we all need cheering up and made me smile.

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01st Apr 2020 08:48

Haha, I like it!

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Flag of the Soviet Union
By thevaliant
01st Apr 2020 09:12

I don't see why they need any help.

I'm told most of them have diversified into car theft, which is not something all of us can do.

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Replying to thevaliant:
paddle steamer
01st Apr 2020 09:51

Bit high risk, they will constitute most of the cars on the road.

I have found a use for my car,when parcels arrive we leave for 24 hours, carefully remove from packaging and then place the cardboard boxes etc in my car, in effect it has become a skip without being a Lada.

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Replying to DJKL:
By Duggimon
01st Apr 2020 10:27

Don't you have a blue bin? Or are you just going to torch the car for insurance money if times get too tough?

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