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coronavirus technical line

Anyone got through to the coronavirus technical line?

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To correct an earlier under-claim of the CJRS grant the employer should call HMRC on the coronavirus technical line: 080 0024 1222

I have tried calling them many times but just get "It has not been possible to connect your call". Has anyone got through to them- if so at what time please?

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By jcace
23rd Jun 2020 11:56

I spoke to them yesterday mid-morning... after 5 minutes of automated selections, I waited a further 15 to be connected, then was told I needed to speak to a tier 2 person so waited a further 20 minutes. Call lasted 56 minutes in total.

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By acceje
23rd Jun 2020 14:01

I got straight through last Friday at 13.19

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By Moonbeam
23rd Jun 2020 14:55

I had to call them last week to do a reclaim for just 4 employees. It took ages to get through and I got passed from one person to another. The person I ended up with was excellent, but had to cope with dodgy broadband and an even dodgier HMRC system to put it all right. It took me an hour at least. This is third world service, but I wouldn't expect anything else.

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