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Corp Tax CT600 filing date year end 28/2/11

Corp Tax CT600 filing date year end 28/2/11

Do we have until 29/2/12?


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22nd Feb 2012 13:33

Depends how long the accounting period is. If twelve months long then yes a Feb 11 year end is due 28/2/12, other wise two returns needed as the CT600 period can be no longer than twelve months.

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22nd Feb 2012 14:07

Date of incorporation

I assume that this is a newly formed company?

The first accounting period for corporation tax purposes cannot be longer than 12 months, unlike an accounting period.

The corporation tax return must be filed within 12 months of the end of your corporation tax accounting period.

Corporation tax is due for payment nine months and one day after the end of your corporation tax accounting period.

So if your business was incorporated on 10 February 2010, the first corporation tax accounting period is to 9 February 2011 and the corporation tax return needs to be submitted by 9 February 2012. Even though your accounting period may end on 28 February 2011.



Speak to an accountant.


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22nd Feb 2012 14:33

or did the OP want to know if he gets an 'extension' from the 28th to the 29th this year? presume he should have a letter from HMRC specifying what the end date is and/or should be able to phone his Corp Tax office to ask them what they have on file. Or just stick with filing on the 28th to be on the safe side....

then again re-reading the first reply, since a return can't be more than 12m then it will stay at the 28th. But then what happens next year....Or do HMRC not count the actual days but just go by the calendar dates, so stick with the 28th...

signing off now and leaving it to someone who knows what they are talking about!

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By blok
22nd Feb 2012 19:08

Surely 12 complete months, (also known as a year) will include the 29th. Am I missing something?

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22nd Feb 2012 19:42

agree with blok - the answer is yes

You can deliver a company tax return at any time after the end of its accounting period but you must do so no later than the legal filing date, which is normally the later of:

twelve months after the end of the accounting period or,
three months after your company receives the Notice (form CT603).

12 months after 28/2/2011 is 29/2/2012.

The filing date is specified as 12 months rather than 365 days.



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22nd Feb 2012 20:12


Please take into account the accounting period for tax purposes starts when trading starts.


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