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Corporate LiveWire Finance Award

Anyone heard of this organisation?

I recently received an email, since followed up with a chaser to say that I had been "nominated" for an award.

I have no idea who these people are, or what I would have been nominated for, by who or why. I have been assured there are "no costs" with accepting the nomination or if I were to win.

Anyone had any experience with this? Looks suspect to me...



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By mrme89
01st Nov 2017 16:10

If you get an email saying that you on for winning an award that you know nothing about, it's almost certainly a crock of sh it.

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By Matrix
01st Nov 2017 16:31

I get these emails too. I expect there is a cost implication. I just treat them as spam.

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01st Nov 2017 16:46

Been inundated recently with these.

Packages start at £695 plus vat for a trophy through to £9,999 plus vat for a media pack.

Have subsequently found it interesting to see how many people put these logos / awards on their marketing material.

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