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Corporate partners & associated companies

Corporate partners & associated companies

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A partnership is made up of a mixture of individuals and limited companies.  For associated company purposes, it seems to me that the corporate partners will be treated as carrying on a business, but what if in a particular year, one of the companies does not actually receive any share of the profits?  Would it still count as an associated company for those which did have profit shares?

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By Steve Kesby
16th Apr 2012 13:47


Why would the corporate partners in a partnership be treated as associated with each other in the first place.  Are they under common control?

While the partnership continues, the corporate partner's business (being a member of the partnership) continues.

But companies aren't associated unless one of them controls the other or both are under common control.

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By lizmoss
16th Apr 2012 14:33

Thanks for that. 

Thanks for that.  The companies are associated as they are controlled by the partners, so yes they should all count in that case.

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