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Corporation Tax and Dividend year end journals

Posting the above Two to Sage

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Hello All, 

Posting of corporation tax and Dividend , to Sage , do both costs appear in the balance sheet and the profit and loss ? 




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15th Mar 2019 10:26

Costs ?

On the Balance Sheet ?

Can you clarify ?

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15th Mar 2019 10:28

Sage suggests creating a code 9001 in the Profit and Loss account for Corporation tax payable. See this article

Dividends just affect Balance Sheet codes.

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to scalloway
15th Mar 2019 11:51

Thank you for the reply, that does make it clear.

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to scalloway
18th Mar 2019 13:00

My Sage 50 already has CT at 9996 and dividends at 9997.

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