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Corporation Tax on discontinued operations

Corporation tax on discontinued operations

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Hello all,

Please would anyone advise on how the Income before tax from discontinued operations in Statement of profit and loss should be taxed for Corporation tax purposes in the year?

Thank you

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By Tim Vane
25th Jun 2019 13:14

It should be taxed anonymously

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Replying to Tim Vane:
By Marina91
25th Jun 2019 14:02

What do you mean by 'anonymously'?

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Replying to Marina91:
By Tax Dragon
25th Jun 2019 14:33

See this (anonymous) thread, which deal with similar issues.

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By Kevin Kavanagh
25th Jun 2019 13:19

Perhaps you could give us your ideas about the treatment?

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Replying to Kevkava:
By Marina91
25th Jun 2019 14:20

I think it should be treated as the Income from continuing activities.

But this is what I need confirmation on.

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