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Corporation Tax online - HMRC response

Is anyone else getting delayed or no response to CT eFiling submissions this afternoon?

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As above, has abnyone else noticed the CT Online Filing service being a bit flaky this afternoon? Both Live and Test in Live services.

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By Mr Hankey
10th Nov 2021 16:07

Yes I am, I've submitted a corporation tax return but still no acceptance acknowledgement received after several minutes (it's normally instant).

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Replying to Mr Hankey:
By hdave42
10th Nov 2021 16:16

We got some responses through between 3:55-4:10, but the "tap" seems to have been turned off again now!

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By Paul Crowley
10th Nov 2021 16:18

This seems to be a common pattern, but usually on the last working day of the month

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By Rob Lelliott
10th Nov 2021 16:19

Yep, same here - filed a CT600 a couple of hours ago but it's still 'hanging' - pleased it's not just me.

SA100's don't appear to be affected, they're being accepted straight away as usual.

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By Jane S-D
10th Nov 2021 16:41

Yes, I've got a CT600 that isn't going through too. HMRC of course says that everything is working properly!

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By Vallery Lee
11th Nov 2021 11:26

A relief to know I am not the only one

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