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Correspondence with Hmrc

I am waiting on a reply From HMRC to our letter re Penalties Which They Received 26th April 2021

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  I wonder if others are suffering as badly as me.  With Such Long Delays From HMRC, it is making life very difficult. When I got Through by Phone i was advised a reply should be received by 30th September.   Mike  Mulcahy



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By David Ex
28th Sep 2021 15:57

Not Something I Have Any Experience Of.

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By Les Howard
28th Sep 2021 16:06

Most of our current HMRC correspondence is taking 3-6 months.

This is very frustrating.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
28th Sep 2021 16:16

I have had similar, raised a complaint (twice) which they have completely ignored but the outsourced debt collection is all over them wasting everyone's time.

Mine is from Feb!

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By Wanderer
28th Sep 2021 16:20

Response last week to a letter sent mid April. Then they got it wrong!

Still awaiting a reply to a February letter.

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By CazzyT
28th Sep 2021 16:22

And when you ring on 1st October, the goalpost will have moved ..... not fit for purpose!

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By Paul Crowley
28th Sep 2021 16:37

We submitted an Appeal last year May 2020
Dealt with June 2021
13 months
Called a couple of times and HMRC agreed that they had received it

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By Geoff56
28th Sep 2021 17:09

Yup, I have experienced huge delays (several months) in getting responses to correspondence. HMRC has just asked me to resend a letter I wrote a year ago, because they can't find it.

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Replying to Geoff56:
By the_fishmonger
30th Sep 2021 16:45

When you (eventually) speak to an operative, they regularly tell you all post is scanned, allocated and then shredded on receipt. It just takes time for the allocated bod to deal with it.

So, you're left asking how they can 'lose' it unless it's a case of the allocations disappearing with the employee leaving...which shouldn't happen but may well do

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Replying to the_fishmonger:
By Hugo Fair
30th Sep 2021 18:12

Maybe the word 'scanned' was omitted by mistake when the 'how to handle mail' instructions were handed out ... that would explain the result!

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By tracyannw
28th Sep 2021 17:39

I have a client that waited a year for them to investigate why his refund was paid to someone else. In the interim from September 2020 until earlier this month the client was left with the same UTR number that had been accessed by an unknown individual and over £3k withdrawn. In the interim client was being chased for debt that this £3k was sitting to settle! HMRC are a JOKE!

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Jason Croke
By Jason Croke
28th Sep 2021 17:48

The Option to Tax unit stated earlier this week that they are currently working to a 6 month turnaround time.

VAT error adjustments are also taking 6 months, so if you make a mistake in your VAT return and write to HMRC to amend it, they'll be back in touch NEXT YEAR.

Not got any specific experience of penalties, if you have written to a named person/Officer then even these are usually have a 40-50 working day turnaround. If you've just written to the the penalties team/nobody specific, then end of September is about right. You have at least done the important thing which is to contact HMRC and confirm they have your letter, getting them to read it is something you're going to have wait for.

Don't expect greatness in the response either, HMRC seemingly fire off any old response to keep within their KPI' expect either more questions or a rejection but with aright to seek a review.

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By Open all hours
28th Sep 2021 21:43

Think it’s time we sent details of all these cases to Lucy Fraser. How else will she get to see just how unfit for purpose, obstructive, inefficient and duplicitous HMRC really are. And if I was the ‘Majesty’ in their title I would seek to reduce their name to RC until things improve beyond all recognition.

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By bernard michael
29th Sep 2021 10:11

I wonder what they will do with the myriad of complaints they'll get when MTD starts and they start querying/penalising the taxpayer.
I almost look forward to the chaos

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By raycad
29th Sep 2021 10:21

Still waiting for a reply to a Penalties "special circumstances" letter sent mid-March. This and the reminder letter sent late June were both signed for. Utterly appalling, as it the fact that there is no dedicated number for the Unit the letter was addressed to.

It's a waste of time ringing the agent helpline (which was only re-introduced quite recently) as they just tell you they'll send an internal email. Which will no doubt then be added to the "over 6 months" queue. GRRRR!

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By justsotax
01st Oct 2021 09:35

Best one I had was in a conversation regarding paper submission of CGT follows:

Me: I need a paper copy....can you send one out...
HMRC: Yes...expect in around 2 weeks....
Me: Is the deadline extended to 30 days from when you issue it?
HMRC:...No! But the payment due date is extended to 30 days from when we have processed the form and issued the demand...
Me: how long does that take....?
HMRC: Currently around 4 months....(said without the merest hint of irony)

So yes I am now considering sending all declarations via paper, (1) because I avoid their overcomplicated and ludicrous authorisation system (2) the client gets 4-5 months to pay the tax rather than 30 days.

complete farce!

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