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cost of CPD courses for 2012

cost of CPD courses for 2012

just received Mercia CPD brochure for 2012.

Mercia have taken over face to face CPD courses from CCH

2011 cost for 6 courses £360.00 (CCH) (3 full days)

2012 cost for 6 courses £540.00 (Mercia)

Anyone in the same boat? Any suggestions for alternate CPD providers and prices


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09th Feb 2012 17:23

Disagree with your prices

I have CCH/Mercia's 2012 programme on my desk.


It says 1-5 places £95 each and 6-9 places £60 each. Therefore 6 places x £60= £360.

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to johnjenkins
09th Feb 2012 17:33

and i have mercia brochure giving prices as in my OP, but unfortunately there is a seperate brochure for us guys over here in northern ireland, and as usual we pay extra over here compared to the main land. must be the cost of flights, or maybe just less competition

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09th Feb 2012 19:21

Yes different prices for some other areas of UK

@frankie3, yes I am sorry to say I think I agree with you that you're probably having to pay extra to ship over the lecturers. I go to CPD courses in Central London, so I'm privileged in that respect.

I have never found any other courses to compare with CCH over the years, except those run by Mercia. A lot of people tell me Tolley run good CPD courses, but the subject matter was never absolutely right for me. If Mercia stopped running these courses there is very little else of a good enough quality.

As an AAT member I get offered various CPD lectures from time to time, usually at £110 plus VAT, and people who have attended these sessions have complained to me that some of the lecturers aren't very good.

The CCH/Mercia lecturers don't get paid very well - so they imply - but of course they have a fantastic opportunity to showcase their talents so I don't feel too sorry for them!


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17th Feb 2012 12:16

We would value your thoughts

@ moonbeam

We are sorry to hear that the subject matter was not completely right for you. Our programme is designed by Rebecca Benneyworth and Chris Jones based on extensive research, input from the country’s leading experts, who also deliver the lectures, and surveys of our customers to ensure that we are covering the most relevant and topical issues for our delegates. The overwhelming feedaback we receive is that practitioners really need to be kept abreast of the latest changes to tax law, cases and practice and what those changes mean to the advice clients should be given. Hence you will see we are providing four Tax Updates delivered by our leading line up of speakers. I have also sent you a personal message as we would very much value any further feedback that you have as to how the subject matter wasn’t right for you so that we can feed this into our planning going forward.

Kinds Regards

Nicholas Byrne

Head of Strategic Marketing


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17th Feb 2012 14:54

Would suggest you try your local CIOT branch


Each local branch has a different structure for their local area CPD.  Based where I am, there are lunchtime seminars free, half day seminars (also free) and a day long Saturday course (£125 for 5.5 hours CPD)

These branch events are usually open to non-members and the next two local ones are as follows:- 


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