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Courier looking to reclaim French, German, Dutch etc VAT

Courier looking to reclaim French, German,...

 A potential new client trades as a long distance courier and is looking to recover vat he has been charged, mostly on fuel, in other EU countries.

I believe that the reclaim is fairly torturous but can be done if the sums are high enough

I know that there are firms around who specialise in this sort of thing, indeed google throws up a few names. 

However I prefer to go with recommendations wherever possible. Does anyone know of a firm which is good and effecient at this sort of claim that they would recommend using.

Many thanks



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12th Apr 2011 17:16

EU VAT recovery

I have used Quipsound, and found them to be very efficient, and cost-effective.

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12th Apr 2011 17:52

Do It Online

Submitting these claims via the HMRC website is pretty straghtforward nowadays, as long as you know what you can & can't claim in each country. Your client or you would have to be registered with the VAT online service

You'll have to have all the information & receipts to give it to the reclaim agents anyway, so it's definitely worth a look

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13th Apr 2011 11:10

Used Quipsound for years

they are very efficient but not cheap.  However in my experience unless you are doing an exhibition in Germany it's hardly worth the effort!  What can, and cannot, be claimed varies tremendously from country to country and in most is VERY restrictive.

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