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Covid Sick Pay

is another claim possible?

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an employee was off with covid under the old sick pay rebate scheme, was paid sick pay and the rebate claimed, the full two weeks was claimed

the same employee has now been off again in January, the guidance for the reinstated sick pay rebate scheme seems to suggest that the employee will be eligible for sick pay again and a rebate again, even though the total claimed will be over two weeks across the two claims

can anyone confirm?

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By Wanderer
27th Jan 2022 09:58


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27th Jan 2022 10:07

Yes. Its start again under the second scheme.

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By Hugo Fair
27th Jan 2022 15:47

And a belated Yes from me.

But watch out for the limited time that this scheme is 'open':
* You can only claim for employees who were off work on or after 21 December 2021;
* And the claim option is likely to be terminated in the near future (for instance the temporary relaxation regarding Fit Notes has already been cancelled).

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