CPD short for 2020 for ICAEW CPD sign off

Covid means less undertaken

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I have completed much less CPD than usual due to covid.

What do I do about ICAEW sign off ?

Do I say not compliant?

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By Paul Crowley
15th Feb 2021 12:09

You say you are compliant if you are compliant
It is not a course collecting exercise, It is a state of self awareness and self improvement
Tai Kwon Do emphasises CANI (constant and never ending improvement
Did you keep up to date able to advise on Covid support
How many Aweb live items and other webinars attended
Did you read the tax cases in Taxation, and a few of the other items relevant to your client base.
Are you more able than last year

2020 Meant that just keeping pace with change was significant improvement

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By paul.benny
15th Feb 2021 12:10

Unlike some professional bodies, ICAEW doesn't require you to clock up a specified number of hours. IIRC, the obligation is to think carefully about what you need to know/understand and make sure you do enough to remain up to date. For many people, the only new developments in 2020 were covid or Brexit-related.

Happy to act as a sounding-board by PM if you wish.

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A Putey FACA
By Arthur Putey
15th Feb 2021 12:13

Was it not an opportunity to do more CPD? Do their online CPD COVID-19 webinars not count?

I'm assuming that when you say "due to covid" you haven't been laid low by it, which would give you a reaonable excuse.

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By User deleted
15th Feb 2021 13:58

I did more. When a CIOT seminar involved travelling into a city a county away, it was half a day gone plus travel costs, so you really had to want to go.

I hope the online sessions stay, as I was much more inclined to attend.

But "due to Covid" seems to be everyone's (apparently unchallengable) excuse for not doing something they wouldn't have done anyway.

Also, none of my bodies (not ICAEW) have counted hours for years now. I don't know if an update is needed there too?

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By Mr_awol
15th Feb 2021 15:04

I did almost no structured CPE - normally I will do at least a dozen half day courses, a couple of day ones, etc. Plus reading.

I had loads of reading/research/self-taught CPE though

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By accountantccole
15th Feb 2021 16:22

I've smashed my ACCA 2021 targets already with the brought forward Covid relentless reading and now Brexit.
If you have done any reading up in the past year - count it! So much new information we have had to absorb

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By lionofludesch
15th Feb 2021 17:31

If you do any payroll, your CJRS learning will cover the entire CPD requirement.

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By petestar1969
17th Feb 2021 09:51

I didn't run a marathon last year because of Covid.

In a normal year I don't run any marathons because I'm fat and lazy.

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Replying to petestar1969:
By lionofludesch
17th Feb 2021 10:31

I do a marathon every two or three weeks.

I split it up into manageable stages - like Le Marathon des Sables

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By paddy55
17th Feb 2021 12:23

Accountants in practice had to put in a lot of exertion and hours of study last year to keep abreast of all the legislation and rules arising from the Covid pandemic. Many found attending outside structured seminars a distraction from necessary self-study to keep abreast of Covid requirements.

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By North East Accountant
17th Feb 2021 14:13

As an accountant I do miss the point counting system we used to have......

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