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Create own report pack in Xero?

Is it possible?

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We send out the management report to some clients who think its terrible and dont bother to read it.  Can I create a simple report park with the P&L and Balance Sheet and possibly a cover page?  I cant seem to find a way to be able to do it?  Thanks

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A Putey FACA
By Arthur Putey
21st Aug 2019 14:56

I thought you could decide which sections of the "classic" management report to include. I haven't tried to build a pack in Xero HQ using the "new" reports (which are all of school age now) mainly because its easy to knock one up in Excel, and clients generally don't ask for them either because they can look in Xero for themselves, or they run their business from the bank statement and would derive no value from an after the event report.

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By Cloudcounter
21st Aug 2019 15:22

Yes, you can. The reports will be found if you go to Accounting>Reports and then the Adviser tab.

There is help in Xero Cental about tailoring your own reports

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By daniel_
21st Aug 2019 15:52

Go to Xero HQ (outside of a specific client, Adviser report packs are designed practice-wide).
Then go to reports along the top.
Then go to New Template and add whichever reports you want to include.
The client specific report pack is found under the Adviser tab of Xero's reports page.

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By marks
23rd Aug 2019 01:44

Cant you just do it in

Accounting/Reports/Accounting/Management Reports. (or star the management reports option so is on the accounting tab)

You can then run the 6 page management report but just include the profit and loss and balance sheet. Need to go though all six pages till you get to end, click publish then delete the exe summary, cash summary, aged debtors and aged creditors pages.

Then publish and will be saved in published section of reports.

You can also colour in your company colours so looks more from yourself.

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