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Credit Card Merchant Recommendation

Looking for a credit card merchant offering cardholder not present

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We currently accept credit cards by telephone, and process through Worldpay.

This is a minority event for us, as most of our business is standard B2B invoicing etc.

Worldpay are exiting at the end of January, I just heard yesterday, so looking for someone to replace them with.

I pay no ongoing charges, just a percentage on the card.

Any recommendations gratefully received,

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By daniel_
16th Jan 2019 14:17

We use Stripe and they've been very good so far. They have a lot of integrations and happened to work out of the box with our accounts software (Sage One).

Pricing is 20p + 1.4% and payouts are about 1 week.

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Replying to daniel_:
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By tom123
16th Jan 2019 16:54

Thanks, I'll take a look

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
17th Jan 2019 18:26

Tom does your bank not offer any facility

Barclays have devices they give account holders to take card payments

Elevon are cheap but will charge a rent if you need a physical machine

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By pauljohnston
24th Jan 2019 09:41

Tom the service that I believeyou are referring to is Worldpay Zinc. We too used them and in the end I rang and asked if there was an alternative. There is and it is run by worldpay but you have a monthly service fee but much lower charges.

I looked at our use for the previous year and calculated the charges under the new scheme and the difference in worldpays favour was £100 pa. It will be less in the next period because our fees are increasing.

We moved over because it was easier than starting again

Hope this helps

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By Julia O'Neill
24th Jan 2019 10:03

We use Lloyds TSB cardnet. Their rates are really good and they do not penalise you for payments over the phone if there is a mis-match with the post code or house number. Our previous card company did charge even though obviously the 3 digit number on the back & expiry date did match. Saying that, we are with the bank of scotland and maybe for that reason we get preferential rates

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By Spaghetti
24th Jan 2019 10:22

Fidelity are really good and much cheaper than Lloyds cardnet. We use them with Sage 50 without terminals

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By B_Eldermore
29th Jan 2019 19:00

Hi Tom,

We've also previously used WorldPay, we went with them for the reputation at the time.

We're now with CardCutters, this link may help you understand all the options out there (fixed fee vs % of sales)

I got a suit made recently (inexpensive from a startup here in London) and they we're using Stripe for payments, so I handed over my debit card and they we're able to take the payment directly on their laptop. Amazing how fast the world moves. I can vouch for Stripe being a very solid provider.

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