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Credit note for a Group of companies

Can we issue credit note for a supplier to adjust for customer (both supplier & customer are one grp

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We are a contracting company and we reiceved "ADVANCE PAYMENT" request for our supplier "F-A" while we have a customer "F-B" for which we need to collect huge money. both "F-A" and "F-B" are under ONE group of companies "F".

Can we issue a credit note to "F-A" to adjsut advance amount from recieveable of "F-B"...??

If so, what will be format/Entry?







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By paul.benny
23rd Oct 2019 07:26

No you can't. They're different legal entities, even though they may part of the same group.

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By WhichTyler
23rd Oct 2019 23:21

Only if fa and fb give their permission

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