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Creditsafe - are they annoying anybody else?

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Just when you thought you couldn't get a more annoying cold caller than My Firms App - Creditsafe appeared on the scene.  I've had incessant calls and connections on Linkedin from them when I've told them a number of times I am not interested in their services.  I've also heard them completely over-exaggerate to the point of lying about AML procedures to try to drum up business.  Anybody have a similar experience or is it just me?


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14th Jun 2018 12:16

Yes, same experience.

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14th Jun 2018 12:24

Aggressive and unprofessional.

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By tom123
14th Jun 2018 12:35

I have used them, in the past, as a 'knock off' cheaper version of D&B.

But then, I am more into credit checking customers.

AML doesn't apply to my work (industrial)

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14th Jun 2018 14:33

Yes and yes they were aggressive and economical with the truth. I was told my accountancy bodies requirements weren't compliant with the AML . I would be in serious trouble if I was checked. I pointed out that my accountancy body would check me and if I followed their guidance it would be difficult to say I wasn't compliant.

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14th Jun 2018 15:41

Good product, terrible people behind it.

Pricing is a joke, quoted me £1500 came down to £600, then I found out my pal only paid £350

Have no time for that sort of rubbish, don't know why they operate in such a shady way, as said the product is decent.

The stalking via linkedin is full on weird and most of them are Welsh.

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By Briar
18th Jun 2018 15:45

Ask them for access to their website. They will allow you access and then try and sell it to you. Then finish the call but leave their website open. You can then verify loads of your clients for free!!

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By SXGuy
21st Jun 2018 11:20

I stupidly signed up with these guys a few years back. Managed to get the fee to £150 a quarter.

Wasn't worth the money, got out as quick as I could. Considering there are services that only charge per search their fee was ridiculous.

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