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CRM and practice management

I am currently looking for a CRM and practice management software

I have an accountancy practice and I am currently looking for a CRM software and practice management suite to post employee time and keep my debtors accurate. Thanks in advance


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06th Aug 2018 08:48

Is there a question?

Do you read this forum inbetween asking questions?

I only ask because if your post was about looking for recommendations then there have been quite a few posts about this very subject over the last few months that cover this ground. So a search will probably help you.

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By Maslins
06th Aug 2018 09:06

We use Senta, and it does most of what you're looking for. I don't think it can track time/debtors though.

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By marks
06th Aug 2018 22:13

If you are just looking to post employee time and keep debtors accurate then it is unlikely a CRM or PM suite will do this as they generally dont do this.

The aim of a CRM or PM suite is mainly the following;

1. Keep you client details eg name, address, email address, telephone number etc and other information that you want to keep about client which will differ from practice to practice as to the info they want to keep.

2. Keep a track of your various workflows at what stage they are at for each client

3. Enable you to automate some processes eg chasing client records or marketing to prospects

4. Be able to run reports on your database to integrate it for information eg run a report of all clients above a certain age.

If you want to keep a track of client time I would use a standalone package such as t-sheets or t.bookman. A google search may suggest others.

To keep a track of debtors would you not just run your aged debtors report from whatever software you are using to run your own business?

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07th Aug 2018 09:26

It depends on who's defining the PM system and where they're coming from, Marks & Pennybridge.

If you are willing to invest more in the system, you can get applications that will handle time & billing and allow you to track WIP and debtors. The CCH Central suite comes to mind and IRIS, but some of the newer generation cloud specialists such as Glide, AccountancyManager and Capium may be able to handle your requirements too.

We've been compiling a series of Software Reviews which are almost ready for publication on AccountingWEB. Practice management software is one of the first three areas that we're covering (which is where I picked up those options). You can find some of the material on which our product descriptions will be based here:

I hope that will feed your interest until the full reviews appear. As Marks suggests, it's also worth searching Any Answers for "practice management software" and seeing what other members have said in the past.

Come back to let us know how you get on.

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