Croner-i VIP Service v Vantage Fee Protect

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I have been using the Croner-i VIP service for the last 3 years and I am now considering moving to Vantage Fee Protect. I would appreciate peoples opinions and experinces of using the two services please.

I appreciate Croner-i unlimited email advice service (if query takes less than 30 mintues to respond) but I loath paying for the consultancy hours upfront, even if I don't use them. Luckily I signed up to a three year contract and not a five year that they initilaly wanted. I just find it impossible to recharge their quoted consultancy hours to my clients, let alone add in some time that I might spend on providing/relaying the advice to clients. Clients refuse to go ahead with the advice, because of the high fee quoted and find another way of obtaining the advice.

I have enquired with Vantage Fee Protect and they offer the email advice service as part of their fee protection cover and also offer a consultancy service but you only pay the hourly rate if the client wants to go ahead with the fee quoted, you don't pay upfront as you do with Croner-i.

Any thoughts or opinions would be much appreciated. Thank you.


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James Dean
By JamesFD
26th Feb 2024 14:45

Vantage works very well for me - easy to use and straightforward. Highly recommended.

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