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I am looking for help finding a little course/webinar/ pamphlet! On the importance of referencing and cross referencing with some examples, for accountant year end working papers file. Does anyone know of anything?

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By David Ex
09th Feb 2024 16:58

HelenLaw wrote:

Does anyone know of anything?


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Replying to David Ex:
By HelenLaw
09th Feb 2024 17:07

I need it as a teaching guide. Have searched Google and it's not very good.

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Replying to HelenLaw:
By FactChecker
09th Feb 2024 17:40

... maybe need to improve your referencing and cross referencing skills?

Sorry: I know that doesn't help you, but sometimes I can't help myself either!

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By Leywood
09th Feb 2024 17:44

DIY job is the way to go (not usually recommended on this site to the great unwashed though)

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By Sandnickel
09th Feb 2024 19:04

We use Mercia files which has all the references on.

For a year end file to go to an accountant - take the trial balance then reference each balance (balance sheet & material p&L items) to your working paper to show how that balance is made up. Reference third party items such as bank statement, fixed asset addition invoices, loan statements etc.

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