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CSA information request

Whole payroll for a company has been requested

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CSA have requested the entire payroll records for a company in which their target is a director.

They aggressively claim they have the right to this, do they?

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By Tim Vane
04th Jul 2019 00:34

Yes probably. The Act gives them very broad powers to demand information from persons related to the target including "a current or previous employer" and "a person who acts or has acted as an accountant". So there might be a loophole if the director is not an employee, but they can then demand the information from the person's accountant if that accountant is also doing the payroll for the company.

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By SteveHa
04th Jul 2019 08:37

Personally, I'd ask for the legislative reference first. Wouldn't want to get stung for a breach of GDPR.

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By accountantccole
04th Jul 2019 10:36

Are they looking for funds diverted by paying someone a higher salary and the director taking a lower one? Agree with Ste, push for a reference

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