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CSA - "welcome pack"

CSA - "welcome pack"

Have received a suspious looking email per above with a pdf attachment - just wondering if any other a-webbers have received the same.  There's no text in the email apart from the usual hmrc contact info. 

It's just that I've have a couple of child maintenance payment orders to put on clients' payrolls in the last few weeks so may be connected (plus an old flame from over 30yrs ago trying to "friend me" on facebook - Ooer!!)


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By Macey
22nd Nov 2015 16:43

May have jumped the gun.....

Viewed the attachment on an old laptop in case of virus etc - Its a 2.6mb pdf file (48 pages) "A partnership for children" issued by Child Maintenance Service as "an employers guide to child maintenance".

HMRC advise us to be vigilant as regards emails purportedly sent by them - in this case the email was merely a little contact text and an attachment - no text to say why it was being sent, what it was or what client(s) it related to (the latter  would have given me some confidence it was genuine).



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