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CSV bank stat into Sage L50

CSV bank stat into Sage L50

Firstly, I know how to download the bank statements into a CSV file and I know how to import a CSV file in the correct format into Sage.

I have around 100ish standinging orders from our clients lodged into our bank each month. Using Sage L50 these are posted manually to the customer accounts - it takes blooming ages!

Is there any way in excel that the customer name from the bank statement can be converted into the client code that exists in Sage. For example, the dowloaded bank statements shows detail as Mr Smith, can this be changed to SMI100?

Thanks, I hope this makes sence.
Mark Reynolds


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03rd Apr 2008 13:38

I've done a bit of study on the lookup and I can now do as I wish.

I had thought about the recurring entries but there is still the double checking against the bank stat afterwords. I can live with matching against the invoices at a later date.

Thanks for all your comments.

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03rd Apr 2008 10:39

Updating bank from csv
The file import route does nothing to match the receipt to the invoice so you have still have to go through the painful process of \bank\customer paying the receipt and then the invoice manually.

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By mjcpage
02nd Apr 2008 17:56

Receiving Multiple Standaing Orders
I'm wondering if you shouldn't look at the problem from the opposite direction.

As they are Standing Orders - you are expecting to receive fixed amounts an given dates - thus why not set them up as a recurring transaction on Sage - either as a customer payment on account or as a bank Receipt - depending how you Account for the Sales. They then get entered into Sage Autmatically.

Then you can just review the downloaded Bank Stat to check all have been received safely?


Mike page

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By neileg
02nd Apr 2008 15:33

Drop it into Excel and do a lookup?

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