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CT Filing 7752 errors

CT Filing 7752 errors

I had a 7752 error message when trying to file a CT600 return online this morning, despite HMRC website saying this generic error was resolved on 17 April. 40 minute wait on HMRC online services helpline and still hanging on. Anyone else getting this filing error message?


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24th Apr 2014 11:51


This was indeed resolved and we have had no problems since.

Have you got the company registration number entered correctly? 

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24th Apr 2014 12:23

I thought ....

"Jeez .... 7752 errors.  That's a lot."


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By Triggle
24th Apr 2014 12:57

It always used to be the fact that when entering the CRN that you got this error if either the number was wrong or you included a leading zero. Don't include the leading zero and try again.

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By Exector
24th Apr 2014 13:44

For info- Genuine one

Turned out to be a correctly identified error in my case, due to using a UK Branch CRN instead of the FC CRN relating to the foreign company which HMRC had on their record.

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