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CT Online Authorisations after entering code

Not appearing in client list

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Does anyone know if there is a delay with Corporation Tax Online Authorisations at the moment? i entered the authorisation code on Thursday last week, and the company is still not showing in my client list. Ive checked whether the company has been assigned to a team member, but they arnt listed anywhere there either.

I added authorisation for the director's personal S/A the same day and it appeared the following day, so i know the issue is localised to this specifically.

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By Paul Morton
03rd Aug 2020 10:30

I had one which took 4/5 working days, they take a lot longer than IT.

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By Paul Crowley
03rd Aug 2020 10:57

CT appear to disappear for quite a while before ariving on the list

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By Kelly O
03rd Aug 2020 12:55

I'm pretty sure on the page where you enter the code it mentions that CT authorisations are taking longer than the others, e.g 4/5 days rather than 1

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By NicoleM
03rd Aug 2020 18:56

I entered a code for CT last Wednesday and I have only just gained access!

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By SXGuy
03rd Aug 2020 19:32

Thanks guys I'll wait and see what happens.

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