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CT online filing with third party software

CT online filing with third party software

Just tried to file a CT600 online for a YE 31 July 2010.

Obviously, AIA goes up from £50,000 to £100,000 over the period and must be apportioned.

Have just filed to ChRIS and in "his" wisdom it seems it cannot accept any AIA claim in excess of £50,000 as HMRC have not updated their systems and don't plan to until towards the end of the year! So for all CAPS after 1 April 2010, you'll have to file by paper. So much for enabling online filing!

Can the HMRC software accept such claims, or is this just for third party software?

Has anyone else come across this predicament?


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By GaryMc
16th Sep 2010 14:55

This happens every year

HMRC update their live service for any Finance Act changes in Oct/Nov of each year so whatever software you use will not be able to file.  You could file on paper or wait until the live service is updated.

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