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CT return - extra software required?

CT return - extra software required?

I am struggling to set up the Adobe trust settings for the HMRC website so I can file a CT return. The clear instructions don't allow for the fact that my computer deliberately obscures an important check box towards the end of the process and no amount of resetting the screen resolution will help. I spoke to a horrible person on the HMRC helpline who didn't want to help at all, and in the end I slammed the phone down. Someone at Cos House who was much nicer and more competent got me going again, but I later decided I wouldn't use this option to file at Cos house after all, so saved as instructed and exited.

When going in again it seems I have to reset the trust settings with all the aggravation I had yesterday.

I would rather run away than go through all this hassle again. Would I be better off with Ftax (given they've had some problems this year?) I only have 6 tax clients at present, so anything quite cheap and cheerful would be fine if it was better than HMRC's offering.

All suggestions gratefully received (sob).


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16th Oct 2012 12:35

It would appear that

you are not alone. We are filing on behalf of some accountants who cannot justify commercial software and cannot deal with the HMRC hassle.

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16th Oct 2012 15:28


I have used this in the past but have gone back to using HMRC as it is more suited to my small clients.

Have you updated to the latest version of Acrobat? - and any updates - I know that may seem a starnge question but I do remember having issues which were solved when the next version came out.

I had no problem setting trust settings since - my current version is 11

I also fihave invested in a monitor - Samsung SyncMaster - which rotates to portrait and any screens which are a pain on a horizontal or laptop display basis now show beautifully

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16th Oct 2012 15:37

I would say persevere with the HMRC software.

It's a little cumbersome but once you get it working and you get used to it it is fine. I couldn't justify the expense of commercial software.

I too had issues with trust settings. As Marion says make sure you have the most upto date version of Acrobat and carefully follow the HMRC help pages to the letter.


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16th Oct 2012 18:10

Thank you for your very apposite comments

I found that my Adobe Reader software was version 10 something and it told me it was uptodate. I therefore uninstalled it and downloaded version 11.

So far, so good. I have actually read some more of the notes, which in my blind panic yesterday I didn't bother with. I am quite far along and have entered the CT600 and attached the VT accounts - full version. I am now being asked to attach my tax computation, which is included in the VT accounts. How should I deal with that? The program is insisting I download something, so I have no choice here.

Your help is much appreciated.

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17th Oct 2012 16:52

I would print the ct comp to pdf and attach it just to satisfy the programme

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