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CT Tax district contact numbers

CT Tax district contact numbers

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Until recently one could just ring the tax district-specific phone number and sort things out for corporation tax. Now looks like that is all gone, given this single contact number, and you do need to go through the 30-min mandatory torture for CT too?? Or am I missing something?

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By Marion Hayes
20th May 2015 09:37


It changed quite a while ago now

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By Exector
20th May 2015 11:02

It is the default telephone CT contact no

given on all standard HMRC CT output, even if nominally sent from CT Districts. These have been consolidated anyway over recent years and I think the few remaining now are effectively becoming otiose through central Glasgow post handling and referral. One tip I have used to slightly help speed up contact to the actual CT Helpline queue if you do need to speak to a "real" person, as is usually the case, is to repeatedly press the # key on phone once you get to the initial recorded messages. This then at least cuts out that 2 or 3 min charade. Doesn't help with the wait thereafter! You are accessing a relatively limited tech knowledge call centre tho, so more complex stuff is referred internally  by email & call back. Sometimes within 2 working days, sometimes not, sometimes never.

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