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I remember reading a couple of recent posts about being able to file the CT41G online but I have set up 4 or 5 companies in the past month or so and none of them have received a CT41G or the new style letter with a tax reference on them.  I know for definite 3 of them havent arrived as they are registered to our offices.  Is there anyway I can obtain the UTR as I need to set up the PAYE scheme?


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06th Jul 2012 08:04

Phone HMRC and ask how you can get UTR

That's the best way.

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By riksti
06th Jul 2012 08:39

quote from the local Working Together meeting

[...] there had been a technical problem and forms CT41G had not automatically been issued to companies set up between 10th April and 8th June 2012. HMRC’s IT partner Aspire have fixed this problem and are arranging to issue CG41Gs to all companies who did not receive one automatically and who have not requested a manual one.  

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06th Jul 2012 09:41

What is the problem?

On the structured e-mails to register for a PAYE scheme, such as this one for a limited company, there is a box to enter the UTR, but it is not "required information".

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By DawnT
06th Jul 2012 16:01

Mine arrived today.............

I set my company up on the 24/5 and my CT41G arrived today.

In true HMRC style and just to confuse everyone, the UTR reference on the letter has 13 numbers and a letter when the actual UTR is only 10 numbers long with no letters (I know the first 3 numbers are the office code, but the ordinary person would not know that)!!

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09th Jul 2012 11:37

Am I meant to do anything?


I know the CT41G issue has been discussed elsewhere, but we're now getting these new style letters, and I was wondering if there's an easy way to complete what I need to tell them.

They've sent this to us with a 64-8 attached, even though we've already submitted a 64-8, and the client is on our web list (the copy of the letter we have is the client one - we're the registered office too).

If I needed to tell them the date trade commenced, or whether interest is being earned, how do I do it?

The forms and their website seem to insist I can 'do it online'.  Well, the company is already on our client list.  I don't want to register them again from scratch in order to tick a box. 

So does anyone have any idea if there's anything I can do apart from filling in a form that supposedly no longer exists?  I have to admit to finding doing things online the ideal way, but the 'do it online' mantra is unhelpful if it doesn't take me to a place where I can actually input the information required.  And if HMRC already have this information somehow - why ask for it again in this standard letter?

I'd appreciate some advice from someone who's actually done this.



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By Jess
24th Jul 2012 08:11

I'm still waiting for my client's UTR for a company I set up for him on 31/05/2012. Are these coming through now? or is there something I can do to find out the UTR. I've tried phoning the tax office but they say they don't have any record of it. It's my first and only client so incredibly embarrassing for me that it hasn't arrived yet and I haven't been able to set up PAYE etc. Thanks for the structured email Euan, I've just used that so fingers crossed.

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24th Jul 2012 10:20

CT41G letters

The CT41G letter, giving the UTR, is sent to the company's registered office, as notified to Companies House.  So, the first thing to do is to check on the Companies House website that the registered office address is correct and complete.  If that is the client's address, ask him to give you everything he has received from HM Revenue & Customs - he may well produce a previously ignored letter.

Failing that, call your local CT district, give them the company registration number and explain that as you do not have a UTR, you could not apply online for agent authorisation, so you are not officially the agent, but ask them to send a letter confirming the UTR to the client at his registered office.  I have had to do this recently with a client who tends to lose all communications from HMRC.

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