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CT600 filing

CT600 exceptional items

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I help out with a couple of companies and file their CT600s for them . Normally I use the HMRC software to do this, as their affairs are very simple but this year one of the companies has an exceptional item, a large profit on the sale of freehold property. The rest of the accounts are very straightforward, turnover, directors fees, repairs, interest etc., but they are dwarfed by the profit on sale. HMRC website says that their software cannot be used if a company has exceptional items but these would form part of the profit on ordinary activities anyway surely?

Is there a way of shoe-horning the figures into the HMRC software, or does the company have to buy some CT600 software, and if so, which one would you recommend for a single company?

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By pacta
03rd May 2016 17:06

Tell them to take some of their massive gain and purchase some CT600 software. Try taxfiler as you can get access to the full CT600 & supplementary pages for buttons.

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By johngroganjga
03rd May 2016 18:26

What you are led to understand does not make sense. Tax computations start with the accounting profit before tax!

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