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CT600 on Adobe

CT600 on Adobe

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Having downloaded a CT600 for a small charity (therefore no fee) I can't adjust the security settings on the document as per the HMRC guidance.

When I get to Step 6 - Trusted Identities - 3 of the 5 items are already ticked and the Add to Trusted Identities button is greyed out.

I therefore cannot get to the correct settings as shown at Step 12 of 4 out of 5 items on the Trust Tab being ticked.

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By puzzel
12th Apr 2012 10:28

Manage Trusted Settings

Have a look through the following steps:

Choose Edit from the menu bar and follow through to Protection, then Manage Trusted Identities. this will open another window that will show the trusted identities.

Click on the HMRC CT CERT, delete and the close.

This will clear the trusted settings and you will have to through the process or re-applying the trusted settings.

Should work, as I had this problem a while ago and the HMRC help desk sorted it out this way.

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By ajkidd
12th Apr 2012 11:34

Thanks Puzzel

I tried your fix and I still couldn't get past Step Six so I just carried on filling in the form without changing any of the settings.

I've now just successfully submitted the Return - the only technical glitch came at the end when an dialog box popped up asking if I wanted to change the Trusted Identity settings.

I accepted the change and it was successfully transmitted.

Only 2 hours of chargeable time wasted on an exercise that used to take 10 minutes, never mind the hours spent filling in the forms applying for a reference number.

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