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CT600 PDF XI Problems

CT600 PDF XI Problems

Can anyone help with PDF trust settings, I have trusted the certificate but I can't change the advance settings to get me past the first screen, where it is trying to autosave.

The error message I get is: X error I cant progress as the trust settings are not enabled, please refer to help.

I have looked at the help settings and some errors that are common, I have ticked the boxes in preferences/ trust settings/edit trust etc, but still cant seem to progress with the CT600 from the auto save!

Also any suggestion on possible other cheap or free software to produce the CT600 for co hse and HMRC?



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18th Oct 2014 17:57

Delete and download again

Now you have changed the trust settings to match those for the right version of windows?

Sometimes the download file seems to get stuck/corrupt with an original error occurrence.

If you delete the download, restart the computer, and download again.

If that doesn't work ring online services - they are usually very good. 

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By adf2410
18th Oct 2014 19:01

Try Taxfiler...'s £10+VAT per month if you only want to do up to 50 returns per year.



PS - no connection other than as a satisfied customer.

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18th Oct 2014 20:38

Another link

but pasting doesn't seem to work.

Go to HMRC website - find page headed using corporation tax online.

Scroll down to 'Read HMRC guidance on changing ADOBE settings' and follow the link

Go down to Download a guide to help with common problems changing settings

Half way down page 1 is the answer to your error message

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03rd Nov 2014 15:21


Thank you for all your help, all resolved.

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