CT600 software producing iXBRL doc's for FRS 105

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Can anyone recommend a commercial software for a CT600 return that produces iXBRL documents for a company reporting to FRS 105

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By CJaneH
20th Nov 2019 13:59

I do not really get the question. Surely you have account production software that produces accounts for the client, Companies House and the XBRL, and then transfer the XBRL accounts to the tax software.

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Replying to CJaneH:
By carnmores
21st Nov 2019 09:48

exactly CJaneH!

anyway my vote still goes to Taxfiler

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paddle steamer
21st Nov 2019 10:03

I use TaxCalc for both accounts production and importing into the tax software for the CT600, accounts visually look okay albeit not fully flexible re appearance (fixed headers) and it does not do Club accounts however both the accounts and the tax software have lots of idiot warnings to try to prevent you forgetting to do things which I find helpful.

May not be the cheapest but in the scale of costs it is not super expensive , notwithstanding my now being reduced to six company sets and one partnership set at year for my employer I we will be keeping a subscription going for it (it does offer a limited number of accounts package)

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