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CT600-Where do b/fwd losses from o/s property go?

It's been a long week - I'm sure it's obvious but I just can't see it!

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It's felt like a very long week this week, and I think my brain has turned to mush!  So at the risk of making myself look very incompetent, can someone direct me to which box a b/fwd loss from an overseas property business would go in on the CT600?

My client has both UK and o/seas property income for the current year, and a b/fwd loss from o/seas property from the previous year.  So the income for both has gone in box 190, but I need to enter the o/seas property loss b/fwd to set against the current year o/seas property income.  Box 250 is for UK property losses, but there isn't a box for o/seas property losses. 

Many thanks in advance.

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