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I've a client who is making an R&D claim to reduce tax (IW not claim the 14.5%). 

This is the first one I've done since 01 April 21 and Taxcalc has indicated that I need to include a CT600L. When I look at the boxes in that, I'm confused ... it seems that for R&D tax reducer claims, I don't complete it, only for RDEC claims and R&D cash back claims. 

So ... do I need to or not?

Thanks :)

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By Exector
29th Oct 2021 16:51

No- CT600L not needed when R&D claim just reduces the net CT liability & doesnt generate a CT repayment by Tax Cr from loss surrender or RDEC claim.

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Replying to Exector:
By atleastisoundknowledgable...
29th Oct 2021 17:41

Great, thanks for the 2nd opinion :)

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