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CT600L R&D Claims

Looking for an alternative to Digita

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Now that the CT600L is live, we are looking for alternative corporation tax software as Digita have informed us that we will not be able to file with them until May / June and will instead have to file paper submissions.

We are therefore looking for a cost effective short term solution to the problem. 

Can anybody recommend a software provider that has updated corporation tax to enable submissions inclusive of the CT600L?

Ideally, we are looking at a low cost solution as we are tied in to Digita for another 9 months but may consider more expensive options if highly recommended as it may be a good way on assessing the overall functionality of the alternatives for when our contract is up next year.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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By Wilson Philips
12th Apr 2021 17:13

As I understand it, the CT600L is not 'live' yet - HMRC is apparently not yet ready to accept it via any 3rd party application.

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Replying to Wilson Philips:
By dhughes1975
12th Apr 2021 18:25

Thanks. That was initially my understanding of the situation which is (why I haven't worried about it before now) but I received an email today from an R&D specific software company we work with suggesting that only a small number of software providers are unable to submit online.

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