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CTA choice

advisory vs. application & interaction

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I'm exempt from Advanced CT paper (Advisory) and would like to take Taxation of owner managed businesses as the second paper at Advisory level. That would mean i should also sit Taxation of owner managed businesses at Application & interaction level, which is ok except I'm not sure what prospective employer will say if i later apply for CT positions? Will they mind i sat Taxation of owner managed businesses at Application & interaction level, instead of Taxation of larger companies and groups? 

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By tom123
30th Aug 2016 09:22

I suppose it depends on what future employer you have in mind?

To be honest, CTA is sufficiently hard that achieving it whichever way will demonstrate skills and abilities required.

(speaking as someone who tried CTA, and struggled, and is now happy to have ATT..)

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By TheLambtonWorm
30th Aug 2016 10:22

I doubt the employer will be overly concerned that you haven't sat the CT papers. If you have an exemption it means that you've already demonstrated the skills through other exams.

I think most people will do the OMB/IND route anyway, so employers probably can't be too picky in that respect.

Fortunately I was exempt from the A&I paper, but I understand that's the one people find painful anyway so hopefully your future employer will take that into account.

Good luck!

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