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CTA Eligibility

CTA Eligibility

 Can anyone tell me whether or not I am eligible to sit CTA papers if I have only completed the first level of the ACCA (part qualified)?

I know I will be exempt from some CTA papers if I have sat the P6 (Advanced Tax). I was thinking of just sitting P6 and then applying for CTA instead of finishing my ACCA. Would this be possible?


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By dreamcatcher
05th Jul 2012 13:12

Are you sure that by sitting paper P6 will get you the exemption from the application and interaction paper?  

Whilst its not the same but a couple of years ago I enquired about sitting the IIT VAT papers with the institute of indirect taxation because my former employer was pushing me to do them.  At that time I had passed ACCA P6 but not the whole qualification and I was told that I had to be ACCA qualified and have done P6 to get the exemption.  

So just double check with CIOT that P6 as a standalone paper will get you the exemption.

Also need to bear in mind that CTA whilst an excellent qualification is very specialist and may limit you should you get bored of a pure tax role in a few years and want to go back to general practice.  Why not finish your ACCA first and then do CTA?

I speak here from experience as I started my ACCA working in an audit role and then found a pure tax role so stopped my ACCA and studied ATT.  After 5 years of pure tax I recently have changed jobs and gone back to a general practice role will be sitting the final 3 ACCA papers in December.  I do then plan to do CTA.


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18th Jul 2012 00:44

The whole P6 credit is a farce!

It's a silly farce anyway. I passed my ACCA qualification no problem on the sitting before the format changed to the "P1-P6 system". As a result CIOT wouldn't exempt me from the application paper and now I'm forced to re-take it and potentially old CTA exams I've already passed again, just because for some stupid reason they won't let me have the exemption.

I mean oh never mind the fact that P6 Taxation is EXACTLY the same as the Tax paper before it, no no no that would be common sense wouldn't it?


As a result CIOT have cost me my chance for a CTA qualification and I hope they feel guilty for it. 

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18th Jul 2012 10:42

How dare they test your knowledge...

How very dare they!

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18th Jul 2012 10:53

How dare they screw me over for being eager to get qualified and then say "oh it's ok you can have a free paper" to those who either got lucky with their timing or decided to take a break and have fun. 

It's not even testing technical knowledge, so it's a paper based purely on one persons opinion on writing skills. 

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18th Jul 2012 14:11

It's a conspiracy...

... against YOU!.  They've already decided that they don't want to let you in, and they want it to cost you lots of money if you ever do manage it.  At least life generally isn't so unfair.

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