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Dear members,

I need some useful tips to pass my last two exams which I am attempting next month. The exams are Advisory OMB & Application & Interaction. I have passed the rest. 

I am facing some difficulties. When I go through the study manual, I can easily attempt all the questions without any difficulty and I have gone through and done the study manual like some 100 times. No issue there, but when it comes to actual question from past paper which I pick all of a sudden, I struggle connecting the dots. E.g. when I am doing Incorporation chapter from study book, I can easily do all the questions and remember the rules, but when I see the question from past paper, I struggle to even realize that Incorporation applies in this question.

Can someone who has passed these both exams share some useful tips to overcome this? And any other useful exam tips. Sadly I had to sacrifice my 100% social life since last two years for CTA and I really want to finish the qualification this time as I think I have no more stamina to sit another exam sitting. I am therefore working extra hard to make sure this is my last exam sitting.

I really need some useful tips. Unfortunately due to job commitments, I could not take any tution and had to do all CTA on self study which is why I am using this platform in a hope to find some useful information.

Thanks for the anticipated help.

Kind Regards.

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By FirstTab
10th Oct 2018 12:34


You may already know this:

Look at the examiner's answer in detail. At this stage learn from the examiner.

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