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CT/loss relief on sale of Goodwill query

Company has sold its goodwill but has trading profits too

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I have a client whose company has ceased trading. 

During the year it sold its goodwill for £100k (3rd party sale) which has created a loss of £125k as the original cost was £225k.

However, it has trading profits of £94,947 during the same year.

Can the loss be set against the trading profits ?

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By SXGuy
08th Nov 2019 07:18

What has the research told you?

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Replying to SXGuy:
08th Nov 2019 10:04

That gains/losses on trading intangible assets should be included in the main trading profits which suggests the loss can get set against the trading profits.
I just really wanted confirmation before finalising.

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By Wilson Philips
08th Nov 2019 07:37

How/when was the goodwill acquired?

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