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CTSA FBI Error in CT600 !

CTSA FBI Error in CT600 !

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I have recently discovered an error in the Inland Revenue's own online FBI CT600. This only concerns agents and taxpayers using the corporation tax filing by internet service and completing the Revenue's CT600 return online. It does not affect FBI using commercial software which is what most agents will probably be using.

I completed a client's CT600 online and printed the form in pdf format for the client to sign. The client made a schedule D(1)loss and this was correctly shown in box 96. The same figure was copied erroneously to box 98 (loss for schedule D(V)). On telephoning IR online services they said they would look into it. That was on 22 July. Today, 10 Aug they telephoned me to say the pdf version of the form is "incorrectly populated" and is due to be fixed by October 2004. They implied there may be other bugs in this form. NOTE there is no warning on the IR online website about this error although it may be too early as I've only just heard from them myself.

They did assure me that if the form was submitted online the figures would come through correctly and that they would be happy to confirm this in writing for the agent's and client's peace of mind.

Given the delay and lack of confidence in their facility I have already bought commercial software and submitted the paper return manually. I am a great believer in FBI and use it for payroll and income tax returns but I will wait until next year before using CTSA FBI. I am told by my software developer that they are waiting on IR before implementing this facility as they are expecting major changes and don't wish to re-engineer the software unnecessarily.

If you use the IR CT600 online form completion facility you must check the printed form carefully for any errors prior to signing or handing to your client. If you have permission to transmit the form without the need for printing and sigining then this should be correct.
Stephen Quay

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