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CTSA payment reference

CTSA payment reference

Time to pay my corporation tax again. Just like last year, I've lost the payment slip! Via the HMRC online service I can get my company's UTR, but I need to know what suffix goes on the end to make the payment via BACS. ISTR it was 0101A before, but is that still true?
carl warnell


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28th Oct 2005 16:50

Phoned the accounts office...
I phoned the accounts office up in the end. Format was UTR (10 digits)+A00104A.

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By Anonymous
28th Oct 2005 13:29

Format of a CT reference number
The format that I usually see with CTSA reference numbers is as follows :-

999 88888 88888 A 01

TRANSLATED as follows :-

999 = District number
(this can change with IRO or registered office changes)


88888 88888 = UTR
(this stays the same for life)

A 01 = 1st Accounting period

A 02 = 2nd Accounting period

A 03 = 3rd Accounting period



I don't know about the "0101A" reference that you are quoting maybe you should be quoting
"A 01" ?

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By rjshaul
23rd Jul 2009 14:39

Corporation Tax payment reference
HMRC have a referece checker

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