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Currency adjustment factors

Where should they be posted? Freight cost or currency cost?

Hi all

I understand what the currency adjsutment factor is but never had to post it as it was always part of an inclusive contract.

This probably suggests that it is a freight cost as opposed to a currency adjustment but I would like some clarification if possible please.





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By mrme89
17th Feb 2017 14:45

It just forms part of the freight cost.

It's usually a % of the freight to allow for currency fluctuations.

There's usually a provision for 'fuel surcharge' too.

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By tom123
17th Feb 2017 15:04

I post everything from the carrier to freight.
How they arrive at their totals is up to them, but all I have bought is carriage.

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17th Feb 2017 15:17

Thank you both.
That makes sense. I think I just got a little paranoid that I wasn't accounting for a currency cost.

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