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Current Receipt Bank Pricing for Accountants

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I am looking at utilising Receipt Bank for the practice and I'm currently trying to get a proper handle on the pricing as there is no pricing information on the website as regards Accountants  As a sole practitioner with a single p/t member of staff involved in the bookkeeping support work do for clients I was under the impression from discussions with other users that the pricing started at £99 per month for Extract and £199 per month for Streamline however RB have quoted double this as a starting price and seem reluctant to explain how the pricing tiers.

What are others paying for this and what kind of volume of transactions and users is this being based on?


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By marks
31st Mar 2019 20:46

Last time I looked, which was a couple of months ago the pricing was


For each of the 3 different packages.

Though as with most providers who dont publish their prices on their website there is usually always a deal to be done.

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