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Customer and Supplier Contact details GDPR

Does basic customer contact info fall within GDPR

I am thrilled to have been put in charge of GDPR!

I can see that we need to get consent for our mailing list contacts, and am leaving that to our marketing folk.

However, what about basic contact emails within the accounting system for sending out email invoices/statements etc. If they are 'personal' emails (albeit work addresses) do I need to somehow get consent for holding that info?


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By zebaa
25th Nov 2017 16:23

My understanding is no you don't, because you need to hold the information in order to trade, assuming email invoices & statements are how you usually operate. I got this information from the data regulators site, so it might be worthwhile you look there to check I did not dream it.

Edit: this reply assumes you work for a non-regulated company, which I think you do.

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By tom123
to zebaa
25th Nov 2017 20:39

Thanks, yes - just standard making and selling widgets.
(quite expensive ones, however)

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