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Customer Not Present Payment Solution

Seeking a solution for taking payments over the phone

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I'm looking to source a swift solution to provide an offsite team with the facility to take card payments over the phone - meaning the Customer Not Present solution is key.  This won't be linked to a website - it is purely to assist with debtor backlog and getting the money in.

Does anyone on the forum have experience of a good robust provider?  I can google away but would prefer recommendations.

I'm new in role and trying to deal with the bank at the moment is a bit of a nightmare and will take seemingly weeks for them to speak to me let alone resolve this short term need.

Thank you in advance


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By 356B
07th Aug 2019 15:55

Give the client your account details and get them to do the transfer.

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By paul.benny
07th Aug 2019 16:39

If you don't already have a merchant account for card payments, you may find that setting that up takes some weeks. Depending on size and shareholdings of your company, KYC may be onerous and/or require multiple iterations.

Smaller merchant acquirers may be more agile but may run away if the total amounts collected are large.

Bear in mind also that your offsite team and processes will have to be PCI compliant. You might want to check out the requirements to see whether you can easily achieve this.

Sorry to be so negative when you're trying to make a mark by collecting old debt

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