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Customer Overpayment

Customer Overpayment

In Sage Line 50 I have a customer that has paid an invoice twice, the invoice has been matched and I have a payment on account.  The money was returned to the customer by Bacs. How do I match the payment on account and the refund showing on the Bank statement?


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15th Mar 2012 12:01

Complicated - but not impossible!

Back up Sage before you start!!  First you need to put a dummy invoice on.  Use the N/C 9999 suspense and use T9 for the VAT code.  Then match these two off against other.  Record the refund as a bank receipt, again with a T9 tax code and to N/C 9999.  

Have a check that everything has recorded correctly - that the balance in suspense is zero, and there is no wrong VAT flying around.

Hope this helps :-)

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15th Mar 2012 12:17

There is a much better way

Sage has been modified for many years now to cope with refunds. The advice above should be unnecessary on all but the very old programs.

No dummy invoice required. Just go to bank and on LHS of screen call up Customers and select refunds at the bottom of the list. This enables you to post the refund direct to Customer's account and match it to the overpayment.

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By NikkiJ
to pauljohnston
15th Mar 2012 12:28

My first time of posting a question - Brilliant thanks for your help :-)

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