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Customer service based software

Do you have experience of a customer service based company and accounts integration

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My client has had to abandon his software of many years, and is looking to install a new system. This system will cope with booking engineer home visits, producing invoices for the visits and also for the parts installed, and show cash received or outstanding (many sales are to the trade so are not paid at the time). It's a complicated set up, but the main proble is that sales data that was previously adequate now has to be capable of exporting to bookkeeping software, for MTD for VAT, let alone regular accounting demands. Does anyone have experience in this field, and what bookkeeping software was used. Short of spending a lot of money on a bespoke accounting system, I was hoping to recommend Xero (as a cloud system that I could review from my desk) 

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By daniel_
15th Oct 2019 13:27

SimPRO fits all of that brief and integrates with Xero:

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