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Customer who has Ltd company put mortgage through as Long term liability

Customer who has Ltd company put mortgage...

Hi all...

I am about to take on a new customer who prepared his first yrs accounts.  He has just sent me the balance sheet and has added his own mortgage as a long term liability.....  Please advise.... as I am 100% certain this is not allowable.. but wanted some additional advice......

Should I also recommend the customer resubmits last years accounts?

His first yr he also made a loss...  so with the mortgage on top... he has negative 142k...

Should the loan also been shown in the reserves as a loss?  As it is shown on CL??

Advice needed please... this is the first time i have come across anyone doing this...

Thanks in advance ... laura


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27th Jan 2011 14:53

Double entry

Has he put his property as an asset?

I would start again. It's obvious you can't rely on anything in the accounts.

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27th Jan 2011 14:56


Adjust Bfwd reserves and restate comps

Be sure it his his personal mortgage and not some bizarre loan to the company.

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